Brutscher Maschinenbau
Mechanical machining

Modern and individual, on behalf of precision

In our production, we produce high-precision components from individual parts to series. The specialization in complex components is used in machine and plant construction as well as in gear construction and turbomachinery. With our machinery and network, we offer our customers all processing and technology.

Reverse Engineering

Do you need a spare part for your machine but it is not available?

Ideally, there is still an intact spare part for reconstruction or worn remnants of it. From the new construction to existing interface data (which we would also be happy to determine on your system) to the 3D scan of the component, we offer a solution.
The combination of: the right manufacturing processes, the individual selection of materials, the appropriate hardening process, suitable surface techniques not only provide a spare part, it is ideally also better than the original!


You have finished your new design and now need one or more prototypes?

We manufacture for you from the 3D-printed, true-to-scale touch model to the finished component in the original material, regardless of whether it is a single component or a complex assembly. We would be happy to support you in the detailed elaboration of your construction, we will demonstrate our capabilities and look forward to your inquiry.


Non-contact sealing systems for turbomachinery

Standard series in flanged and mated versions as well as individual customer solutions in different materials and material combinations.

Based on many years of experience in the development and manufacture of machine components, Brutscher Maschinenbau has specialized in the manufacture of high-quality non-contact products in the area of ​​sealing solutions and, in addition to an extensive standard range, also offers customer-oriented special solutions.